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Browser Isolation/Web isolation

Browser Isolation (also known as Web Isolation) is a technology that contains web browsing activity inside an isolated environment, like a sandbox or virtual machine, in order to protect computers from any malware the user may encounter. This isolation may occur locally on the computer or remotely on a server  “According to #Gartner 98% of information security attacks are carried over the public internet and that 80% of these attacks are targeted directly at end users through their browsers as they use the internet”.

It’s been a year since Gartner released its report on remote browser isolation. At the time, the report was forward thinking—controversial even—as it suggested that enterprises can no longer assume that their traditional detect-and-respond security strategy is enough to stop all web-based malware attacks. Analyst Neil MacDonald argued that enterprises should stop trying to detect every attack and instead focus on “containing the ability of the attacker to cause damage and reduce the surface area for attack.” He went on to say that remote browser isolation was the ideal solution for doing just that, because it moves all web browsing activity out of the network and away from users’ devices to a remote location, which eliminates a wide variety of threats, including: ransomware, malware, phishing, credential theft, weaponized documents and more.

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